Current Projects

Charles City Lions Club Book Sale

What do you do with a book that you’ve read and is sitting on the shelf? Donate to the Lions Club book sale. Each fall the Lions host a book sale. Books run from $5.00 to 25¢. The first day of the event is always a “door buster”, as there is typically a line to be the first to get their pick of books. Around October, prior to the sale, bins are placed around town at various locations so community members can donate books. If you need to donate books prior to October you can contact the Lions Club, and we can meet you at our book warehouse to accept your book donations. Please note we are not able to accept encyclopedias.




Charles City Lions Club Pancake Breakfast

Our yummy pancakes not only fill a nutritional need, but also fill needs in the community. The annual fly-in breakfast, at the Northeast Iowa Regional Airport is held in July. Lions serve your fill of pancakes and sausage. Not only is this an opportunity to eat with your neighbor, but you also get an up-close look at the inner-workings of the airport. With a typical airplane attendance of 15-30 airplanes you can also, for a small charge, take an aerial tour of the Charles City area.


Green Bucket

Each week Lions are encouraged to contribute to the green bucket. The bucket proceeds go toward a project of the president’s choosing OR the pick of an annual green bucket raffle winner. This year the president has designated proceeds to be used toward the Lion’s Club Rose Garden. In previous years donations from the green bucket have supported: Floyd County Ministerium, TLC: The Learning Center, The Hut, and the YMCA – ANSU fund.




Charles City Lions Club Rose Garden

Our Lions with a green thumb work to beautify Charles City by growing and maintaining roses at Charles City’s Lions Club Rose Garden. The garden, located at the corner of Main and Jackson Streets, contains hybrid tea and knock out roses. The garden was started after the 1968 tornado by Eb Willson & George Lorber. In Summer of 2013 the Lions Club revamped the entire rose garden. Today you can see about 250 roses in bloom in this Charles City treasure.







Hearing aids & eye glasses recycling

The Lions are known internationally for assisting with eyesight and hearing. We collect eyeglasses and hearing aids and recycle them locally and internationally. For more information about how the Charles City Lions are helping to be “knights of the blind” and “champions for hearing”, see our eyes and ears information. In 2012 the Charles City Lions recycled more than 1000 eye glasses.





Within days of its first meeting the Charles City Lions recognized the importance of education and awarded a scholarship medal to the valedictorian of the graduation class. Today that tradition continues with several Lions Club scholarships awarded each year at class day to deserving seniors.