Past Secretaries

Charged with the record keeping of the Charles City Lions Club, these men have served their community and the Charles City Lions as secretary.

Coburn Chapler 1921-39
Carl F. Hauser 1939-46
Morris W. Swartz 1946-49
Keith S. Noah 1949-54
Ralph F. McCartney 1954-56
Dr. Robert Breitbach 1956-62
Dean Sogard 1962-63
Roscoe D. Markle 1963-66
Dr. Robert Breitbach 1966
Robert E. Kline 1966-67
Carl C. “Kip” Hauser 1967-76
Carl F. Hauser 1976-87
Damon E. Cole 1987-89
John C. White 1989-95
Robert D. Woolm 1995-2000
Mark Sindlinger 2000-2011
Justin M. T. DeVore Current